Your value added

The TEZ is available to you as a partner for optimization, development or new businesses for different projects and challenges in the textile world.

We invite you to benefit from the comprehensive methodical expertise of the TEZ specialists. According to your desired form of cooperation, we offer different options:

  1. Use our variety of technologies for your own projects
  2. Build new connections of competencies with the TEZ
  3. Save your own resources

  1. Involve interdisciplinary team of TEZ experts
  2. Use the TEZ as connection between textile, application and technology
  3. Benefit from our the extensive network of the TEZ and expand your own network

  1. Benefit from our experiences in different industrial sectors and applications and associated synergy effects
  2. Use our international environment as a chance to expand your new business

Your possibilitites

Discover the diversity of possibilities in the TEZ

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The Technology and Development Center (TEZ)

Working with mechanical engineers, operators, textile manufacturers and institutes, Groz-Beckert shapes the textile future at its Technology and Development Center (TEZ).

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