The whole nine yards - from individual modules to perfectly integrated overall system

Tufting Gauge Parts from Groz-Beckert do a great job. They help form the base for tufted surface textiles – whether rug or bathroom mat, artificial turf for sports facilities and landscaping, or high quality carpeting for cars. Tufting machines up to five meters wide and with up to 4,000 needles, loopers, reed fingers and knives produce high quality textile fabric at speeds of up to 1,500 rpm. The perfect interaction and high performance of Tufting Gauge Parts makes it all possible.

The product range

Needles and needle modules

Needles and needle modules

Groz-Beckert needle modules are distinguished by consistently high precision and performance, down to the finest gauges.

The product range encompasses all common module types and fastening systems. Using needle modules minimizes setting times. As a system provider, Groz-Beckert ensures optimal alignment of the tufting system.

Loopers and looper modules

Loopers and looper modules

Groz-Beckert loopers and looper modules boast consistently high precision and performance down to the smallest gauges. The product range encompasses all common module types and fastening system setting times are reduced with Groz-Beckert modules. As a system provider the company warrants optimal alignment of the tufting systems with their requirements.

Reed-finger modules

Reed-finger modules

Straight, forked, or in combination: Groz-Beckert offers different models of reed finger modules.

The precision of Groz-Beckert reed finger modules ensures uniform and flawless fabric appearance and minimizes setting time and effort. All reed finger modules can be supplied with the renowned fastening systems.

Tufting knives and knife modules

Tufting knives and knife modules

For years, selecting and using high quality materials and special production processes have fulfilled the requirements for the outstanding quality of Groz-Beckert tufting knives. Users around the world rely on uniform quality regardless of lot size. Tufting knives from Groz-Beckert set the bar for today's industry standard.

The combination of Groz-Beckert trimming loopers – Groz-Beckert trim system – ensures uniform trimming and thereby optimal appearance. This also holds true for delicate yarn types. Groz-Beckert provides special solutions, such as tufting knife modules, for special applications.

Gauge part systems

Gauge part systems

Groz-Beckert tufting gauge part systems yield measurable benefits in the manufacture of tufted floor covering.

Coordinated combination of materials and the functional interaction of all tools ensure the quality and economic results of the tufting process. The Groz-Beckert system concept for using tufting gauge part systems in all relevant tufting applications pays off as a systematic development which meets ever growing industry requirements for precision and process reliability.

Groz-Beckert Gauge Parts are developed in close coordination and under consideration of the requirements and experiences of tufting machine builders and of raw material suppliers, as well as in partnership with our worldwide clientele.

Tufting technology

Tufting employs a backing (web or woven fabric). Pile yarn is brought onto this backing. Basically, the various designs are manufactured with the following four methods:

Loop Pile

in loop pile fabric, the carpet surface consists of individual needle loops.

Cut Pile

For cut pile, needle loops are cut open with a special cutting system in an additional work step.

Cut Loop

At normal yarn tension, a combination of cut and loop pile results in a high cut pile, and at high tension in a low loop pile.

Level Cut Loop

A special combination of loop- and cut-pile fabric is manufactured with air-controlled loopers.

Application advice

Groz-Beckert offers a unique performance package in its application advice. With assistance from the Tufting Technical Center, specific solutions can be efficiently developed together with the user.

All-round expertise in all areas of the tufting industry is a given, including in the manufacture of automobile and wall-to-wall carpets, as well as for artificial turf. Experienced experts work out solutions and help define tasks. Support ranges from selection of optimal tufting tools, principle tests, tool development and process optimization to quality assurance that includes material and error analysis.

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