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Sewing machine needles from Groz-Beckert

Sewing-machine needles have formed part of Groz-Beckert's manufacturing program for over 40 years. Whether for underwear, sportswear, suits, shoes, car seats or embroidery – Groz-Beckert offers the right needle for every sewing application with a product portfolio of around 2,500 sewing and shoe machine needles.
The Sewing product area is not only an indispensable partner with a comprehensive and high-quality product range, but also provides support with a wide range of services before, during and after the sewing process. The sewing and joining service develops solutions for sewing problems and provides customer-specific needle recommendations, and the INH Quality Management developed and patented by Groz-Beckert helps to ensure compliance in sewing companies and increased efficiency in the sewing process. Last but not least, the Customer Portal offers a wide range of digital services that reflect Groz-Beckert’s innovative strength in this area.

Product variety

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Needles for clothing

Whether for lockstitch, closing and flat seams, for blind stitch applications or button sewing – Groz-Beckert offers the right needle for every application. Different materials can also be sewn optimally with the various point styles available.

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Needles for leather

Cutting points are required for sewing leather. Groz-Beckert offers many different cutting point styles for both closing and decorative seams, which can be used to produce different seam patterns and durable seams.

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Needles for technical textiles

In the area of technical textiles, different special material types can be combined by sewing. Groz-Beckert has various needles in its product range that are specially adapted to these requirements and offer high process and functional reliability.

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Needles for embroidery

The DBxK5 needle system is available for single- and multi-head embroidery. Its geometry is optimally adapted for use in embroidery machines and features versions that are tailored to specific embroidery applications, such as sequin embroidery.

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Needles for Schiffli embroidery

Groz-Beckert offers several needle systems for manufacturing lace on large embroidery machines. With different point styles and different eye variants, we offer the right needle for every application.

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Needles and awls for shoe machines

Groz-Beckert has around 150 needles and awls in its portfolio for the processing of bottom and soles of shoes. Shoe needles have a hook instead of the eye and are therefore only used in special shoe machines. The awls pierce the holes.

Special application needles

Special application needles from Groz-Beckert are used whenever the requirements on the needle exceed the standard. This is the case in particular applications such as sewing technical textiles or denim, where the needle must be particularly sturdy and wear-resistant. But also when sewing fine materials, where the needle must be as thin as possible to protect the material being sewn.
A total of 6 different special application needles are available, each adapted to a specific application.

Special application needles SAN™ 10 and SAN™ 10 XS

For fine and ultrafine knitted and woven fabric

Special application needle SAN™ 6

For denim and workwear

Special application needle SAN™ 5.2

For technical textiles

Special application needle SAN™ 12

For 2-needle decorative seams on leather

Special application needle DBxK5 SAN™ 1

For embroidering tough material

You can find our entire product range in the product catalog in our Customer Portal. There, you can search for the various sewing machine needles using the full-text search or various filters. Detailed product information is available for each needle. You can place your order directly in the Customer Portal.

For more information on sewing machine needles and sewing, our media center also offers a wide range of brochures, product data sheets and videos to download.

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Focus on the sewing machine needle


The point extends from the beginning of the eye to the end of the needle.


The eye is the opening in the needle blade through which the thread is inserted.


The shank extends from the butt to the cone. Most needle systems have the same shank diameter for all sizes. In the sewing machine, the shank enters into the needle bar (hole or clamp) where it is usually fixed by a screw.


The cone is the transition from shank to blade. The length of the cone depends on the ratio shank diameter to blade diameter as well as on the angle or radius of the cone.


The blade is the part of the needle between the end of the cone and the beginning of the eye.


The scarf is a recess in the needle blade, which permits the unobstructed movement of the looper/hook and a reliable catching of the loop.

Long groove (at the back of the needle)

The long groove runs from the end of the shank to the beginning of the eye. It always faces the threading direction and, in most cases, is of the same width as the eye. When the needle penetrates the material or when the loop is enlarged by the looper/hook, the long groove protects the thread from severe frictional contact with the material.

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