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Service at Groz-Beckert has many facets. In addition to the overall services provided by facilities such as the Technology and Development Center (TEZ) and the Groz-Beckert Academy, the product division Sewing offers customers a comprehensive service concept.

The 5-Star support places customers and their needs front and center: from advice on optimal sewing machine needle usage through to high availability of requested needle types. With a global presence via an international network of sales affiliates and agencies, Groz-Beckert stands by customers as a reliable partner around the world. We furthermore make all information on sewing machine needles available to our customers 24/7 on our online Customer Portal.

Another element of the comprehensive customer focus is the INH Quality Management (Ideal Needle Handling). This enables the creation of an individual process for the optimal handling of sewing machine in sewing plants, and also offers the necessary accessories.

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Sewing5: The 5-Star Service concept from Groz-Beckert

Top quality products and services are the basis for satisfied customers and for competing in the global market. To stay a step ahead, proper service makes the difference.

This is where the 5-Star Service concept Sewing5 comes in. It is based on the five S, which together represent Groz-Beckert's integrated customer orientation and service concept: Supply, Solutions, Service, Speciality and Sustainability.

The groundbreaking ideas and solutions have been jointly developed with customers, and the 5-Star Service concept ensures not only high product quality, but also your advantage and success.

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The art of always being able to deliver – worldwide

Supply means that an outstanding logistics process must be behind a high quality product. For Groz-Beckert the ability to deliver is an important measure of logistics service.

Groz-Beckert's worldwide distribution network of sales subsidiaries, agencies and certified distribution partners, as well as above-average stock turnover, ensure outstanding ability to deliver.

Matched with carefully selected forwarding agents, the most important principle of logistics is always observed - to deliver the right needles in the right amount at the right time at the right place.

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Finding solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems

Even before the manufacturing process, a good technical solution demands professional application consulting to provide you with support prior to and during the production process.

Groz-Beckert supports you in the early design phase in finding optimal interaction of fabrics, yarns, machines and sewing-machine needles.

But we also stand by you throughout the manufacturing process - with top-notch custom-tailored solutions - to solve or prevent any difficulties that come up.

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Being there before you're needed.

The best technical solution, the perfect range of products – all only as good as the up-front, accompanying, and subsequent service.

This is why Groz-Beckert's services are oriented toward your demands - with consistent customer focus which puts your needs in the foreground.

Not only our commercial partners' invaluable assistance in supporting sales activity, but also the highly trained sales team ensure first-class service.

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Always a step ahead

Groz-Beckert is always a step ahead with outstanding products and high quality requirements. Modern technologies and certified prime quality are key factors.

Groz-Beckert provides products and services that meet the highest quality requirements. This is the reason why most mechanical engineers choose sewing-machine needles from Groz-Beckert.

So that this remains the case, Groz-Beckert undergoes regular certification processes and audits from independent institutes.

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Sustainability means taking on responsibility

Taking on environmental, economic and social responsibility is a fixed component of the corporate philosophy of Groz-Beckert.

Groz-Beckert's commitments are not just selective, they contain far-reaching and comprehensive measures in and outside of the company.

At the headquarters in Albstadt, Germany, this is especially reflected in Groz-Beckert KG's various certifications, which are documented and certified by independent institutions on an ongoing basis.

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Sewing and joining service

Groz-Beckert sets new standards in customer service by setting up sewing technical centers worldwide for quick solutions to application problems.

Groz-Beckert forges new connections with customers in the context of the sewing and joining service. The sewing technical centers house comprehensive expertise in all areas of the sewing industry, from clothing and leatherworking to technical textiles.

The sewing and joining service is beginning consulting services near customers at various locations around the world. There, experts in application engineering work out solutions to problems and provide support on topics such as optimal needle selection and process optimization. Various service packages with different scopes of analysis and evaluation are offered.

Learn more about the services of the sewing and joining services as well as details on individual locations in the data sheet Sewing and joining service or on our Customer Portal

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The Customer Portal: More than just ordering

Groz-Beckert's comprehensive 5-Star Service Sewing5 ensures a decisive advantage. Now that the online Customer Portal is ready, Groz-Beckert is another step ahead.

In the overall "digital world of sewing" Groz-Beckert makes available a continuously growing knowledge data base with a wealth of information on sewing technology. In addition to detailed information on sewing products from Groz-Beckert, you will find impressive animations on various types of stitch formation.

The new product catalog allows you to quickly and reliably search for products and order them directly from the online shop. (Please check here whether the online shop is available yet in your country.) The catalog also gives product features and other technical information.

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INH Quality Management (Ideal Needle Handling)

INH Quality Management INH developed by Groz-Beckert facilitates handling of needles for sewing businesses and directly influences occupational safety, productivity and the environment.

As a needle manufacturer who provides its customers with all-round support, Groz-Beckert offers quality management which governs trouble-free and time-saving handling of broken and damaged needles.

The patented INH (Ideal Needle Handling) process helps fulfill the various brand-owner specifications while providing you with support in meeting challenges such as being environmentally-friendly and increasing productivity.

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