Laboratory Services

The quality and precision of Groz-Beckert products rests not only on high-quality materials and process reliability, but on in-depth analysis and the longstanding experience of the Groz-Beckert central laboratory. Groz-Beckert offers this expertise to outside clients and partners in order to jointly find optimization approaches and exhaust and leverage even tiny potentials.

The laboratory, housed in the Technology and Development Center (TEZ) at Groz-Beckert headquarters in Albstadt, is manned by an expert team from different fields, ranging from chemists and textile technicians to materials engineers. Many companies in the textile industry, in machine building, the medical industry, precision mechanics and metal-working companies within the automobile industry reap the rewards of Laboratory Services' vast knowledge and advanced technologies.

The offer is based on the modular principle and ranges from simple analyses to complete system analyses with proposals for optimization. Since summer 2020, more than 70 of our approximately 320 procedures used have been accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-03.

In the Groz-Beckert laboratory, more than 70 of the approximately 320 methods used have been accredited to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018-03 since summer 2020.

Over a period of several years, processes that conform to the relevant standards have been established to ensure the verification and validation of the precision and correctness of the procedures. In terms of quality management, this is continuously controlled and documented, so that a continuous improvement of the laboratory processes is guaranteed.

The ultra-modern equipment of the laboratory, the high demands on the technical standards as well as the qualification of the employees guarantee measurement and analysis methods conforming to standards. All measured variables are based on calibrated and monitored reference materials. The reproducibility and comparability of the results are ensured both by regular participation in so-called round robin tests and by internal quality assurance.

The Groz-Beckert laboratory acts completely impartially and with absolute confidentiality towards its clients.

The scope of services encompasses materials consulting and development, chemical analysis and textile testing, as well as damage analysis. We support you in all areas of quality assurance for raw and operating materials, basic materials and textile materials and are partners in analyzing product and process development. Moreover, we competently and reliably stand by you in developing customized testing procedures.

Through the close cooperation between the various specialist laboratories, the textile experts in the TEZ and other specialized departments at Groz-Beckert, the Laboratory Services have an interdisciplinary competence, which enables a holistic view of the issues. Whether application or material advice, damage or chemical analysis, support for new processes, components and product launches or textile testing or new developments: The experts at the Groz-Beckert Laboratory look forward to challenging tasks.

Laboratory Services is a provider of know-how and services. For you as a customer, the benefits will range from simple laboratory services to custom solutions from the combination of materials science, chemistry and textile, as well as from the trusted knowledge, longstanding experience and close proximity to industry and users. Our portfolio furthermore includes:

  1. Complete material and process analysis from a single source
  2. High professional competence
  3. Cutting-edge technologies
  4. Specific causal research
  5. Fast and solution-oriented processing

Are there flaws in your product or are you having difficulties with your processes? Do you have any questions about our portfolio or would you like to learn more? Then please contact us, we are happy to help.

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