Performance that connects – tying machines from Groz-Beckert

A global player for 70 years, premium service at over 20 locations and more than 10,000 tying machines successfully deployed:

KnotMasters from Groz-Beckert are powerful tying machines boasting the latest in technology and ease of use for different applications and different types of yarn, including cotton, synthetic, and spandex. Customers benefit from rapid warp changes and reduced idle times, i.e. economical weaving preparation.

Tying frames from Groz-Beckert are intelligently designed and distinguished by their many and versatile applications. They are suited to all Groz-Beckert tying machines and to every weaving machine.


The universal tying machine

The AS/3 boasts a wide range of capabilities for all fine and medium yarns. The centerpiece of the tying machine is innovative Quattro technology, which combines all tying techniques into a single tying group.



The double-knot machine

The KnotMaster RS/3 is designed for double knots and all warp materials in fine to medium yarns with smooth surfaces. In short, it is the optimal machine for glass and label applications.


The tying machine for all medium and coarse yarns

Whether cotton, synthetic, blends or elastic yarns: medium and coarse yarn counts reveal the strengths of the KnotMaster ZS/3.


The tying machine for all fine and medium yarns

As a universal standard machine,the KnotMaster TS/3 is suited to all fine and medium yarns of cotton, wool and synthetic, as well as to all blends and elastic yarns.

TS/3 TapeMaster

The special-purpose machine for PP and PE tapes

Specifically for low warp densities, the KnotMaster TS/3 TapeMaster allows optimal tying of PP and PE tapes with widths from 3mm to 7mm.


The convertable tying machine for single and double knots

The KnotMaster RSD/3 is a special, convertible tying machine for fine to medium yarns. It switches from simple knots to double knots with ease.


The innovative tying machine for all medium and coarse yarns

The KnotMaster XS/3Q is intended for all medium to coarse yarns – especially when there are multiple yarn sizes in one warp sheet. The innovative Quattro technology is also integrated in this tying machine.

Clamping rail tensioning system

Simply reliable

In this tensioning system, warp ends are clamped in the tying frame. This principle can be continuously adapted to yarn quality and enables reliable and gentle security for all yarn qualities.

Clamping rail tensioning system

Clamping rod tensioning system

Fast and easy

The clamping rod tensioning system facilitates easy and quick mounting and removal of different warps. They are secured by rotating a rod in a channel in the tying frame.

Clamping rod tensioning system

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