Proven around the world – the drawing-in concept from Groz-Beckert

The efficient Groz-Beckert concept has significantly optimized the drawing-in process. The established WarpMaster and the new WarpMasterPlus – complemented by the corresponding accessories – are efficient alternatives to manual drawing-in. The benefit: maximum flexibility with minimum set-up effort.


The latest generation of fully-automatic drawing-in machines with a modular design.

The WarpMasterPlus provides state-of-the art technology to achieve the highest efficiency in the drawing-in process. The machine is characterized by its modular design and simple handling.


Automatic drawing-in – efficient and user-friendly

The WarpMaster is a microprocessor-controlled and fully automatic drawing-in machine utilizing integrated, powerful step motors, electromagnets, and sensors.


Optimum complement to the drawing-in process

The WorkTruck makes it especially easy to prepare heald frames for drawing-in. Once drawing-in has been completed, it is transferred entirely to the WorkTruck for subsequent transport to the weaving machine.



Optimum complement to the drawing-in process

The tying station KnotPointPlus facilitates tying the drawn warp to a warp beam and the pulling through of the knots through the drop wires, healds, and reed outside the weaving machine.



Optimal complement to the drawing-in process

The SortMaster is the ideal complement to the WarpMaster when using DUOMIX healds. The computer-controlled sorting machine aligns healds in the proper order for the drawing-in process.


Manual drawing-in

Drawing-in and reed hooks

Groz-Beckert supplies the appropriate drawing-in and reed hooks for simplified drawing of warp ends through drop wires, healds, and reeds in the weaving machine.

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