Individual needles and module needles for every need

At Groz-Beckert tradition and innovation merge with the latest needle technology. The company is synonymous worldwide with high quality tufting needles for all tufting applications.

Tufting machine builders and carpet manufacturers value the consistently high quality and reliability of Groz-Beckert products. You know Groz-Beckert as a competent and reliable development partner for all customer-specific demands -

and for good reason. Groz-Beckert supplies a complete range of needles for all applications and all machine generations.

Groz-Beckert needle modules are distinguished by consistently high precision and performance, down to the finest gauges.

The product range encompasses all common module types and fastening systems. Using needle modules minimizes setting times. As a system provider, Groz-Beckert ensures optimal alignment of the tufting system.

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