In addition to felting and structuring needles, Groz-Beckert also offers technical auxiliary means:

Needle removal tools, needle-board inserts, crank positioning disk and needle inspection board, as well as slide rules to determine penetration depth and stitch density.

Specially designed needle packaging completes the range.

Needle removal tools

Needle removal tools remove felting and structuring needles from the needle board.

Needle-board inserts

Needle-board inserts are used primarily to easily identify different needle groups in the needle board. They are also tasked with stabilizing the needles in the board.

Crank positioning disk

All factors which influence the needling process must be considered here:

Needle inspection board

The large number of needles in the board make it almost impossible to locate damaged individual needles.

Sliding rule

The stitch density and penetration depth are important machine parameters in the manufacture of needle punched nonwovens because the right machine settings determine visual and physical results in nonwovens.

Needle packaging

Groz-Beckert also values high user convenience in the packaging of its products.

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