Jet strips – hydroentanglement technology

A method for the mechanical bonding of nonwovens is hydroentanglement, also known as the spunlace method.

This technology channels water at pressures of 30 to over 400 bar through very precisely manufactured nozzles. This produces a continuous curtain of water. The impelling force of the water jets lead to mechanical anchoring of fibers in the product.

Jet strips of different specifications serve as tools in this method. Groz-Beckert's line of products for hydroentanglement is marketed under the name HyTec®.

HyTec® jet strips

Groz-Beckert jet strips for hydroentanglement come in all common sizes, specifications and nozzle geometries.

The offering includes jet strips with an overall length of up to about 6,200mm and all common widths and thicknesses. The jet strips usually have one, two or three rows and the maximum number of nozzles can come to 20,000 nozzles per strip. Nozzle diameters normally measure from 0.08mm to 0.22mm.

HyTec® A-Standard version

The standard material is distinguished by extraordinary corrosion resistance.

HyTec® B GEBEDUR® version

HyTec® GEBEDUR® boasts especially long service times.

HyTec® P version

The HyTec® P jet strip simplifies handling by optimizing elasticity

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