Long staple spinning

In long staple spinning, fiber lengths of over 60mm are processed. Long fiber and particularly fine woollen fibers are sensitive and can be damaged and shortened by improper handling. In carding, special attention must thus be paid to gentle fibers handling to maintain fiber length.

Carding machines with 2-4 main cylinders are used. The cylinders work in conjunction with worker and stripper rollers for good mixing and carding of fibrous raw material. SiroLock® worker and doffer wires were originally developed for long staple spinning to protect fibers during carding and maintain fiber length.

Long staple spinning encompasses woollen yarn, worsted and semi worsted spinning. Wool is the most commonly used raw material, and long synthetic fiber, cashmere and other natural fibers are also employed. Metallic card clothing and flexible card clothing are also used.

Groz-Beckert also offers special accessories for cleaning, assessment and adjustment work.

The products range from setting and flat gauges, deburring and grinding stones to hand cards and brass brushes. Learn more about our range of accessories here.

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