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Unprecedented times, unprecedented challenges

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On the cards since 2015

The foundation for the Customer Portal Sewing was laid in 2015. In addition to offering a wealth of information relating to needles and sewing, the first version, that was made available in German and English, offered for the first time the option of ordering sewing machine needles online directly from Groz-Beckert. And the service was well received: In the very first year, the number of registrations and orders placed online significantly exceeded expectations.

Additional languages, more markets

Between 2016 and 2020, we expanded the availability of the Customer Portal Sewing further. Ten languages were added to the Customer Portal and the online shop was made available in more markets. This means that many of our customers from all over the world now have the option of using the Customer Portal and the online ordering function. And they are: In 2020, half of the total sales was achieved through orders in the Customer Portal.

New functions from Autumn 2020

Just an imageThe start page of the new Customer Portal

In September this year, the Customer Portal Sewing was switched to a technically upgraded version. This version is optimized for use on mobile devices, meaning that the portal can now be used conveniently anytime and anywhere. Another new addition is the individual start page, which shows your recent orders and your most frequently purchased products.

More information in the product catalog

Just an imageProduct catalog results display

The product catalog has also been improved with new and optimized functions. Via the improved search function and the new flyout menu, which you can use to jump directly to specific product groups, you can also find your needles faster. You can choose between different views for the results display – for example the relevant product label if required. When logged in, you can also see the prices and availability of the needles right away.

Just an imageExtracts from the product detail page

On the product detail page, you will also find extensive information on the selected needle: In addition to technical details and the available point styles, you can also find out which application the needle can be used for.

Complete overview with the personal customer account

Just an imageExtract from the dashboard in the customer account

In your personal customer account, you have the option of viewing and analyzing your personal details. Here, you check the status of your orders and invoices and download the corresponding documents as required. The dashboard also offers clear analyses of your purchases.

Place your order quickly and easily

With the Customer Portal Sewing, you can order sewing and shoe machine needles quickly and easily. You can place the desired products in the shopping cart either from the catalog or directly via the quick order function. You can also create order templates or upload the entire order via an Excel file. When the shopping cart is complete, you will be guided step-by-step through the ordering process.

All advantages of the Customer Portal again at a glance:

  • 12 language versions
  • Product catalog so you can find the desired needles quickly and easily
  • Detailed product information to ensure that you purchase the optimal needle for your application.
  • Online shop, so that you can place your order quickly and easily.
  • Display of price and delivery time and quick delivery so you can plan for tomorrow today.
  • Personal customer account so you can always view and evaluate your personal details.
  • Responsive design so you can also visit the Customer Portal while on the move.

Have we piqued your curiosity?

Then why not take a look. You can find out about our Customer Portal in detail even without registering. But you do have to create a personal customer account to use all the functions.

To the Customer Portal Sewing

Also take a look at our YouTube channel to find out even more about Groz-Beckert and about sewing machine needles in particular.

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  • Did you know?

    Over half of the world’s internet accesses currently take place via mobile devices. And with Groz-Beckert too, around one third of all Customer Portal users log in via a mobile device. This confirms that the B2B sector is also becoming increasingly smarter - and that Groz-Beckert will continue to meet the requirements of its customers in the future by developing further digital services and product.