Three areas of employee advantages


That's a matter of course with us.

What others regard as special benefits are a matter of course for us.

Here is just a small selection of the benefits offered in this area: 30 days of annual holiday, Naldo Jobticket, profit-sharing, additional bonuses according to scale, etc.

Scale-based salary & performance bonuses

We are a scale-based company and grant our employees a monthly performance bonus in addition to the scale-based pay, usually after the employee has been with the company for six months.

30 days of annual holiday

Of course you should have time to recover from daily working life. Full-time employees receive 30 days of annual holiday. Some of the holiday is linked to company holidays, meaning that parents do not need to agree time off with colleagues during the school holidays.


Our employees and their dedication are the key to our success. This is why we want everyone to share in the company's success and grant and annual special bonus if business has been good.

Holiday pay and Christmas bonus

We are delighted to be able to offer our employees pro rata bonuses for these special times of the year (usually in June and November).

Special leave

Are you celebrating a special occasion or welcoming a new addition to your family? We give you time to enjoy special occasions in the form on an additional holiday day. Time off to care for sick children up to the age of 14 is also covered in the collective agreement.

Additional allowances according to scale - T-ZUG

To help you to balance work and family in specific stages of your life and shift models, additional holidays and reduced working hours are also possible for certain groups of employees, in addition to a new scale-based additional allowance.

Naldo JobTicket

We support local transport. This is why we encourage the use of public transport with a monthly subsidy for your travel card.

Employee recommendation program

If you recommend a perfect candidate for an advertised job at Groz-Beckert from your group of friends or acquaintances, we will say thank you when they join the company with a special bonus!

Company-owned apartment

Are you new to the area and still looking for suitable accommodation? We can provide a company-owned apartment to give you time to settle down in your new home.

Moving costs

We know that moving home is expensive and stressful. This is why, by prior arrangement, we will contribute to the costs of a work-related move.

Anniversary & leaving gift

We say thank you! We reward your loyalty and commitment to our company with a gift or money depending on your time with the firm.


You can choose for yourself.

This advantage is based on your requirements in the current phase of your life.

Do you have children? We have a childcare facility and primary school on the company site. Are you looking for a professional adventure? We have sites with exciting roles all over the world. Are you interested in further training? We offer a wide range of training options.

Benefit from our advantages depending on your current life phase.

Mobile work

Do you have an important appointment in the middle of the day? With us, there's no need to take holiday. Depending on your department and area of work, you can also work while on the move.

35 working hours per week

We offer more opportunity to balance work and private life with 35 working hours per week.

Childcare facility

It's not just you as an employee that's important to us, but your family too. To enable you to focus completely on your work, we have built our own childcare facility on the company site. It goes without saying that the opening hours and closure days have been expanded and adapted to Groz-Beckert.

Primary school

The first day at school is a major step in the life of any child. You can be close to your child on this big day and all future days while your child is at primary school. With the company's own all-day primary school on the Groz-Beckert site, you can be with your child in just five minutes.

Flexible working hours

Our flextime option gives you more flexibility when structuring your working day. Defined core hours provide the framework, you can agree the rest with your team.

Lifetime working time account

Would you like to have more freedom and flexibility in your life planning and are toying with taking time off from work? With the lifetime working time account, you can save credit that you can use for a sabbatical, for further training, for raising children or for caring for relatives. It is also possible to leave your job earlier without having to take a pension with deductions, or to make a smooth transition to retirement with reduced working hours. All these goals can be turned into reality with the lifetime working time account - and the model is subsidized by Groz-Beckert.

Assignments abroad

Are you looking for a professional adventure abroad? That's not a problem with Groz-Beckert. We have production and sales affiliates all over the world, where you can discover the world as part of projects or assignments.


We place great importance on lifelong learning and your personal and professional development is a key focus at our company. Have you always wanted to learn Spanish? No problem. Simply take part in our internal language courses - free of charge.

Free parking spaces

Everyone is familiar with the search for a free parking space. We have good news for you! You don't have to worry about finding a parking space. We have ample parking spaces close to the company site.

Bike parking with charging stations

Leaving the car in the garage and riding to work on a bike. For many employees, that's the perfect start to the day. We have a secure bike hut on-site with an E-Bike charging station for fresh air fans.

Employee loans

Are you planning to buy a house or a renovation project? We can help you with a maximum of 20,000 Euro in the form of an employee loan depending on your length of time with the company.


We're here for you.

Your wellbeing is important to us. There is a wealth of benefits available to you in this field to help ensure your long-term wellbeing, both at work and in your private life.

Whether you decide to train in our on-site fitness studio, or enjoy spending time with your colleagues at one of our employee events with catering in the on-site canteen — we provide the necessary balance.

Company pension scheme

Groz-Beckert supplements your state or private pension with a company pension scheme. Our company pension scheme is an employer-funded, contribution-based and long-term concept.

Deferred compensation

Deferred compensation can supplement your pension scheme. Groz-Beckert offers a monthly employer contribution of 26.59 € for retirement asset services when you take out a product with MetallRente.

Pension advice

Whether you are just starting out in your career or will soon be reaching retirement age. Pension is a topic that affects everyone. This is why Deutsche Rentenversicherung offers individual consultation appointments directly on-site.

Fitness studio with prevention and training area

Training during your lunch break is no problem at Groz-Beckert thanks to the on-site fitness studio. A wide range of sport and relaxation options awaits you!


Our chefs in the canteen create delicious highlights every day. Meals are cooked fresh daily and offered to our employees at affordable prices in the buffet area of the canteen. And why not finish off the meal with a coffee at the barista bar?

Company doctor

Our company doctor also has a fully equipped practice and is on hand to help in emergencies, with accidents at work or with medical assessments.

Physiotherapy practice

Do you need physiotherapy to treat a torn ligament you suffered while skiing? At Groz-Beckert, you can fit your treatments easily into your working day by using our on-site physiotherapy practice.

Company reintegration management

After a long period of illness, we help our employees to return to working life with the company reintegration management scheme. And this is, of course, adapted to the new circumstances.

Company health support

Are you interested in a free cardiovascular or musculoskeletal program? We keep you fit with a variety of programs and presentations, often in combination with our on-site fitness studio.

Company sports groups

Why not relax after work with a game of football or volleyball with colleagues. No problem at all with our company sports groups.

Free water

We have water dispensers located all over the site. You can drink as much free still or sparkling water as you like here.

Glasses for computer work

Do you need glasses at the workplace? We are happy to subsidize your new accessories to help you see clearly!

Prevention week

In the annual prevention week, we focus on specific topics from the fields of occupational safety, health and security. The events vary from information events and presentations, to preventative examinations or opportunities to participate.

Sickness allowance

Is your child sick and needs your care? We can give you time off with full pay for up to 10 days if your child is not older then 12 years.

Events for employees

Our events for employees add variety to the working day. From specialist presentations to comedy events, there's sure to be something for everyone. Enjoy the regular events for employees.

Surviving dependent support

We don't leave surviving dependents to suffer after the death of an employee. We provide financial support with our surviving dependent support scheme.