High quality and long useful lives – weaving accessories from Groz-Beckert

As a competent system provider, Groz-Beckert boasts a wide range of accessories for the weaving process. Optimized quality, innovative details, and long useful lives set the products apart: whether healds and heald frames, warp stop motions and drop wires, or products for leno weaving.

Tempered flat steel healds

Tempered flat steel healds of corrosion-resistant GROB® INOX stainless steel provide excellent performance over a wide range of applications. The healds are available with J-, C- and O-shaped end loops.

Narrow weaving healds

Groz-Beckert produces different healds under high quality criteria for Narrow fabric machines as well.

Metal wire healds

For processing demanding warps such as metal wires, Groz-Beckert offers a wide range of specially designed healds with thicknesses from 0.06mm to 0.50mm.

Non-tempered flat steel healds

Non-tempered flat steel healds of GROB® INOX stainless-steel are primarily used on water-jet weaving machines. Executions include O-shaped end loops and either a single row of thread eyes or a double row of thread eyes.

Leno healds

The Groz-Beckert range of leno healds is particularly suited to the riderless ALrefix heald frame execution - proven over many years - as well as PosiLeno® leno frames.

TWINtec healds

For weaving wide tapes and fiber bands, Groz-Beckert has designed the TWINtec double flat-steel heald made of steel and ceramic. It allows the wide tapes and fiber bands be woven flat and with minimal friction.

Jacquard healds

The Groz-Beckert jacquard heald is made of a single wire to produce a perfect surface for the finest warp yarns. Even in very high densities, optimized woven fabric quality is produced at maximum efficiency.

RONDOFIL® healds

For weaving coarse warp yarns, Groz-Beckert supplies a wide range of twin wire healds utilizing steel mail eyes, adapted in shape and hardness, as the thread guidance element.

Mail eyes

Groz-Beckert develops and produces mail eyes in different sizes and types to make the perfect solution available for every application.

Inset mails


Universal heald frame

The universal ALfix-U is a heald frame for medium performance demands. It includes the benefits of the proven ALfix heald frame execution. Optimum detailed engineering ensures high performance.



Aluminum profile for an extended useful life

The ALtop140 is a high performance heald frame with a light-metal profile of 140/9mm. It is distinguished by powerful intermediate supports and sturdy corner connections for an extended useful life.



The universal and economical high-performance heald frame

Up to 15% higher operating speeds can be reached with the high-performance aluminum heald frame ALtop155. The light-metal profiles measuring 155/9mm provide extremely high bending resistance.


ALtop Hybrid

The carbon-fiber reinforced high-performance heald frame

The ALtop Hybrid combines the best of two materials. Unmatched machine operating speeds are achievable through the combination of aluminum and carbon-fiber in an innovative, lightweight construction.

ALtop Hybrid

ALtop Hybrid+

The high-performance heald frame with reinforced carbon-fiber sections

The ALtop Hybrid+ is an upgrade of the ALtop Hybrid. The carbon-fiber rods in the heald frame provide an even bending resistance and ensure unrivaled performance and durability.

ALtop Hybrid+

Litespeed® Carbon

Carbon-fiber composite for machine speed

The Litespeed® Carbon heald frame boasts heald staves made of a specific carbon-fiber composite. Innovative lightweight construction enhances maximum bending resistance and provides for higher machine operating speeds.

Litespeed® Carbon


The rapier heald frame

The ALRapier heald frame has been specifically developed for rapier weaving machines. Innovative shapes and proven corner connections facilitate high performance in all rapier applications.

Projectile heald frames

Powerful performance in projectiles

The riderless projectile heald frames ALrefix-P and ALrefix FERvari deliver high performance, universal application, and superior useful life.

Projectile heald frames


Positive doup frame control

Flexible, cost-effective, and unique: PosiLeno® is Groz-Beckert's positive leno frame control system featuring gentle motion sequences enabling twice the performance of conventional leno systems.


Leno healds

The perfect complement

The Groz-Beckert range of leno healds is particularly suited to the riderless ALrefix heald frame execution - proven over many years - as well as PosiLeno® leno frames.

Leno heald frame

Semi-positive doup frame control

Conventional semi-positive doup frame control leno frames from Groz-Beckert provide unmatched flexibility in the variety of application, patterning, and selection of different warp yarns.

Leno heald frame

Drop wires

A wide selection for every requirement

New weaving machines are equipped with electrical warp stop motions. They are complemented by matching open or closed drop wires.

Groz-Beckert offers a wide variety of drop wires with immediate availability.

The drop wires are distinguished by a center of gravity that lies below the warp end for optimized stability. The U-shaped thread eye of the drop wire provides a wide contact zone for the warp end for minimal resistance and deflection.

Combinations of different lengths and thicknesses provide for a huge selection of weights and drop wires. This makes it easy to adapt to different warp yarns, facilitating ever faster weaving machine operating speeds.

Warp stop motion KFW 5600

For most wovens

The six-rowed warp stop motion KFW 5600 reliably monitors warp threads and its modular construction system can be tailored to customer application requirements.

Warp stop motion KFW 5600

Warp stop motion KFW 5800

For high row density

The warp stop motion KFW 5800 is equipped with eight contact bars. It incorporates the proven features of the KFW 5600 and is specifically suited for filament yarns and high warp densities.

Warp stop motion KFW 4200

For terry fabrics

The warp stop motion KFW 4200 is equipped with two contact bars and specifically designed for terry applications.

Flat reeds

For all common rapier, projectile and water jet weaving machines Groz-Beckert offers a wide range of flat reeds. They are made of flat and spacer wire and are bonded with epoxy resin.

Soldered reeds

The soldered reeds by Groz-Beckert are especially suited for narrow and shuttle weaving machines. They are made of flat and spacer wire and are soldered with environmentally friendly soldering materials.

Air jet reeds

Groz-Beckert produces epoxied reeds for air jet machines. They are made of flat and spacer wire and are offered with different profiles. The working area of air jet reeds is the anodized air duct.

Double reeds

There are double reeds for rapier, projectile and air jet weaving machines for the production of terry and decorative fabrics and for processing fancy yarns. They enable an additional separation of the warp threads.

Support reeds

Support reeds are reed constructions arranged in front of or behind the actual working area of the reed. Support reeds are used in rapier, projectile and air jet weaving machines.

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