A comprehensive commitment to sustainable activity

Firmly anchored and evolved values reflected in corporate philosophy, a sense of responsibility toward employees, society and the environment. This is Groz-Beckert's interpretation of economic, ecologic, and social sustainability – Groz-Beckert was committed to these areas long before Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) became a buzzword.

Groz-Beckert's own company health insurance, which harks back to 1888, the Groz-Beckert Foundation and the Health and Education Center (GEBIZ) with Kita and a private elementary school are only the most obvious examples.


Groz-Beckert is the world’s leading provider of industrial machine needles, precision parts, systems and services for the production and joining of textile fabrics.

The goal of our activity is to always be able to provide our customers and partners with optimal value. The same is true for our employees, society at large and our environment. Groz-Beckert's values – reputation, quality awareness, fairness and cooperation, innovation – guide our activity.

Our products and services, both internally and externally, should be customer-oriented and reliable. Competitive advantage is a basic principle and an important component of our corporate strategy.

For all divisions in the company we heed the principle that quality means accordance between agreement and execution.

Systematic compliance with this principle is supported by our integrated management system. It extends to the areas:

  1. Quality of products, services and processes
  2. Occupational safety
  3. Risk management
  4. Health promotion
  5. Environmental protection
  6. Know-how protection
  7. Energy efficiency

Our management system constitutes the basis for standardized activity across the Group and the Continuous Improvement Process in the company.

This way, our management system provides the basis for a uniform acting across the Group as well as for a continuous improvement process (CIP) within the company. With this policy declaration and corporate principles, the management and all employees of the Groz-Beckert Group are committed to act in compliance with all relevant requirements, applicable rulesand regulations. The compliance is subject to regular self inspections and external audits across the Group.

Company management

At the Groz-Beckert Group, the acceptance of ecological, economical and societal responsibility goes together with profitable growth. For this reason we have committed to the concept of sustainability.

Well-trained and qualified employees are the basis of our long-term and sustainable success. They are actively involved in shaping processes, the working environment and the workplace. In order to protect our employees, the avoidance of hazards at the workplace as well as the promotion of health have top priority.

Customers, suppliers and partners
Intensive dialogues and a trust-based exchange of information are the basis of our cooperation with all external circles. The customer is the main focus of our actions and decision processes. Our task is to provide a package of services adapted to the needs of our customers.

Know-how protection
Knowing about the sensitivity of our own know-how, it goes without saying that we equally protect our customers’, suppliers’, and partners’ know-how. Therefore we attach utmost importance to a trust-based cooperation.

We are concerned not only about the safety of our external partners at our locations, but also ensure to protect our Group from damage. For this reason we identify, assess, and minimize the substantial risks at our production sites all over the world. There are action plans for each known and relevant risk scenario. In the event of damage, these plans help to keep the effects as low as possible.

Environmental protection and energy efficiency
Our actions include continuous improvement of environmental performance and reduction of impacts on the climate to preserve intact living conditions for present and future generations. A responsible approach to resources already starts with the planning of our processes, products, and services.

Social and legal responsibility
The compliance with legal standards is a minimum requirement for us. Our company-internal standards apply at all our locations worldwide and have priority over local legal regulations, whenever they exceed those requirements. We are committed to socially and ethically responsible actions and distance ourselves in the strongest terms from any kind of corruption, discrimination and child labor.

Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)
Our activities are systematically planned, executed, and controlled according to the plan-do-check-act cycle. We persistently review our actions with the objective of continual improvement.

Behind Groz-Beckert there are firmly anchored values that have evolved and have been lived and shaped, around the world and on every day, since the company's founding in 1852.


We are honest, reliable and credible. This creates a climate of trust and security.

Quality conscious
Our internal and external services are oriented to attaining the aims of their beneficiaries. We strive for leadership in the quality of our products and external services.

Fair and cooperative
We acknowledge the performance of our employees and promote them on the basis of a fundamental social philosophy. We shape internal and external collaboration with the goal of building and nurturing long-term relations which foster mutual benefit.

We are able and ready to take on new challenges and changes and incorporate them into our thinking and actions.

Where the best minds of the textile industry – from skilled workers to engineers – come together, there must exist the appropriate environment for collegiality and satisfaction in one's work.

Groz-Beckert offers its employees:

  1. above-average apprenticeship and transition-to-job rates
  2. full-time educators and in-house training workshop
  3. high degree of responsibility and decision-making authority
  4. flexible working time schemes
  5. good continuing education
  6. attractive promotional opportunities
  7. a variety of benefits
  8. the offerings of the Health and Education Center with Kita and the private elementary school, Groz-Beckert company health insurance, company medical service, prevention and training area, as well as a public physiotherapy practice

Groz-Beckert thereby fosters collegiality, loyalty and mutual respect. Swabian diligence accompanied by intercultural understanding.

Education as the key to the future

Protecting natural resources and keeping a healthy environment intact – Groz-Beckert faces this challenges day after day. However, sustainability has for the company an even wider meaning.

The Groz-Beckert Foundation

Regional, targeted, sustainable. The Groz-Beckert Foundation has taken it upon itself to provide children and young people in the city of Albstadt and surroundings with targeted support.

Environmentally-conscious behavior

Environmental awareness has many facets at Groz-Beckert: company-wide, product-specific and of course with regard to the potentials of textile solutions and innovations.

Environmentally-friendly products

Even during development, Groz-Beckert places high value on the potential of its products to conserve resources and reduce emissions.

Textile innovations for the sake of the environment

Groz-Beckert is occupied with topics of the future brought on by the environment and customers. Resource efficiency and waste prevention can relieve process costs in the textile industry.

Strong together – Blue Competence

Groz-Beckert is partner of the Blue Competence initiative of the VDMA (German Engineering Federation), which promotes sustainability in mechanical and plant engineering and makes sustainable solutions visible.

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