The Health and Education Center (GEBIZ)

Taking on social responsibility has always been a major part of Groz-Beckert's corporate philosophy. The Health and Education Center (GEBIZ), opened in 2013 at the headquarters in Albstadt, is an obvious example.

For Groz-Beckert such actions stem from the conviction that a commitment to education and responsibility is everyone's responsibility – including the company's.

With the healthcare area, the company encourages the well-being and health of its employees and proactively meets the challenges of demographic change. The facilities of the healthcare area work hand in hand to ensure an integrated and holistic concept for prevention and rehabilitation, including as defined within the context of company health management.

With its education department Groz-Beckert supports a family-friendly corporate culture which facilitates work-like balance for young families, a core issue in many mens' and womens' plans for the future.

As operator of various facilities at the GEBIZ, Groz-Beckert has brought in experienced partners with a wealth of know-how.

Facilities at the Healthcare Department

From Groz-Beckert's company health insurance fund and plant medical service to the newly created Malesfelsen Vitality Center, all healthcare divisions at Groz-Beckert are under one roof.

Malesfelsen Vitality Center – Physiotherapy practice

Groz-Beckert company health insurance

Company medical service

The Education Department

Forming a tightly coordinated unit within the Education Department together with the "Kita Malesfelsen" is the private elementary school "Malesfelsen" with all-day day-care.

Kita Malesfelsen

Private elementary school Malesfelsen

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